New York Chinese School

Programs and Classes

We offer First Class learning experience to our students in many ways

New Multimedia High Tech Facility

Years of Experience in Faculty Team and Program Design

Class Size is Small with Individual Attention
小班教学, 因材施教

Studying Chinese is FUN at NYCS!
来纽约中文学校,学中文, 真开心

Chinese Language Classes: 语文课


We teach pinyin (Chinese Phonetics) and simplified Chinese in standard mandarin.  Traditional Chinese is also introduced.

我们教授拼音、简体字和标准国语, 并引入繁体字。

We use multiple textbooks including Standard Chinese (K~G9), Ma Liping (G1~G4), and Better Chinese online materials.
我们使用多种教材, 包括美洲华语, 马立平,公文中文和快乐华语。

Pre-K 启蒙班

Kindergarten 学前班

Grade One through Nine 一至九年级

SAT Verbal Intensive  SAT 阅读加强班


CSL (Chinese as Second Language) -第二外语中文


CSL1 Elementary 二外一年级

CSL2 Medium  二外二年级

CSL3 Advanced 二外三年级

CSL4 More advanced 二外四年级

Children and Adults in different classes分设儿童和成人班


Culture Classes: 文艺课


Chinese Folk Dance Jr. & Sr. 民族舞

Chinese Folk Song 民歌

Origami & Crafts Jr. 折纸与手工

Amazing Art Jr. and Sr. 现代美术

Chess Jr. and Sr. 国际象棋

Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Painting 书法与国画

Scratch/Game Programming Jr. 少儿游戏编程入门

USACO 计算机编程 Olympiad

SAT Verbal Introduction 英文阅读入门

SAT Math Sr. SAT 数学

Exciting Maths Sr.  带劲的数学

AP Chinese  (for 10th Grade and above)  十年级以上AP中文选修

Others: 其他

Parents’ Modern Art Club    现代美术

Parents’ Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Club       书法与国画

Parents' Chines Conversation 成人中文会话


After School Homework Support Session 课后功课辅导

Class Descriptions: 课时简介